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Product Code: B0001A

AR | ACS-Solvents













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5 years


BENZALDEHYDE 99%, a chemical compound renowned for its high purity level of 99%, belongs to the class of aromatic aldehydes. It manifests as a clear, colorless liquid with a characteristic almond-like aroma, owing to its natural occurrence in bitter almond oil and essential oils of certain fruits.

Chemically, it is represented as C7H6O, consisting of a benzene ring substituted with a formyl group (-CHO) at the para position. This molecular configuration imbues BENZALDEHYDE 99% with distinctive chemical properties, rendering it indispensable in various industrial and synthetic processes.

What is BENZALDEHYDE 99% AR,ACS used for?

The versatility of BENZALDEHYDE 99% transcends boundaries, finding multifaceted utility across diverse sectors:

  1. Fragrance and Flavor Industry: BENZALDEHYDE 99% serves as a key ingredient in the formulation of fragrances and flavors, imparting a characteristic almond-like scent and taste. It finds extensive application in the production of almond essence, marzipan, amaretto, and cherry flavors, enhancing the sensory experience of numerous consumer products.
  2. Pharmaceuticals: Within the pharmaceutical realm, BENZALDEHYDE 99% serves as a building block in the synthesis of various pharmaceutical intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Its reactivity and versatility enable the creation of pharmaceutical compounds crucial for the development of medications treating diverse ailments.
  3. Agrochemicals: BENZALDEHYDE 99% plays a pivotal role in the synthesis of agrochemicals, including pesticides and herbicides. Its inclusion in formulation contributes to the efficacy and specificity of these agricultural inputs, aiding in pest control and crop protection.
  4. Polymer Industry: In polymer synthesis, BENZALDEHYDE 99% finds application as a monomer or precursor, contributing to the production of specialty polymers with tailored properties. Its incorporation facilitates the enhancement of material characteristics such as strength, flexibility, and thermal stability.
  5. Chemical Intermediates: As a versatile chemical intermediate, BENZALDEHYDE 99% participates in numerous organic synthesis pathways, giving rise to a diverse array of compounds utilized across industries ranging from dyes and pigments to surfactants and plasticizers.

Where to buy BENZALDEHYDE 99% AR,ACS?

  • For discerning consumers seeking superior quality BENZALDEHYDE 99%, Ryze Chemie stands as a trusted source.
  • With a steadfast commitment to product quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, we offer BENZALDEHYDE 99% in various packaging options tailored to individual requirements.
  • Our seamless procurement process ensures timely delivery and adherence to stringent quality standards, fostering enduring partnerships with clients worldwide.

BENZALDEHYDE 99% AR,ACS Manufacturers

  • Ryze Chemie emerges as a prominent manufacturer of BENZALDEHYDE 99%, harnessing advanced manufacturing capabilities and stringent quality control measures to deliver products of unparalleled purity and consistency.
  • Our state-of-the-art facilities adhere to rigorous production protocols, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and customer specifications.
  • Through continuous innovation and optimization, we strive to elevate industry benchmarks and exceed customer expectations, reinforcing our position as a preferred partner for BENZALDEHYDE 99% requirements.

BENZALDEHYDE 99% AR,ACS Manufacturers in India

In the vibrant landscape of chemical manufacturing in India, Ryze Chemie stands as a beacon of excellence, offering premium quality BENZALDEHYDE 99% alongside a comprehensive range of chemical products.

Our indigenous manufacturing capabilities, coupled with a relentless focus on technological advancement and sustainability, underscore our commitment to fostering growth and innovation within the Indian chemical industry.

As a homegrown enterprise, we take pride in contributing to the nation's industrial landscape and driving positive change through responsible manufacturing practices and ethical business conduct.




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