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Product Code: D0004A

AR | ACS-Solvents











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Shelf life

5 years


Diethanolamine 99% is a compound primarily composed of ethanolamine derivatives, featuring two hydroxyl groups. It is commonly referred to as DEA, with its chemical formula C4H11NO2. This clear, colorless liquid exhibits an amine-like odor and is highly soluble in water. Notably, the designation "99%" indicates its high purity level, making it suitable for a multitude of industrial applications.

What is DIETHANOLAMINE 99% AR,ACS used for?

The versatility of Diethanolamine 99% is exemplified by its extensive usage across diverse industries:

  1. Cosmetics and Personal Care: Diethanolamine 99% serves as a crucial ingredient in the formulation of various cosmetic products such as shampoos, lotions, and soaps. Its emulsifying properties facilitate the creation of stable emulsions, enhancing the texture and consistency of personal care items.
  2. Textile Industry: In textile processing, Diethanolamine 99% plays a vital role as a pH regulator and emulsifier. It aids in dyeing processes by ensuring uniform color distribution and preventing dye bleeding, thereby enhancing the quality of finished textiles.
  3. Agrochemicals: Agricultural formulations utilize Diethanolamine 99% as a surfactant and emulsifier in pesticide and herbicide formulations. Its ability to improve the dispersibility of active ingredients enhances the effectiveness of agricultural chemicals. Gas Treating
  4. Agents: In gas scrubbing processes, Diethanolamine 99% serves as an absorbent for acidic gases such as carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide. Its alkaline nature enables efficient gas removal, contributing to environmental protection and safety in various industrial operations.
  5. Metalworking Fluids: Diethanolamine 99% finds application as a corrosion inhibitor and pH stabilizer in metalworking fluids. By forming a protective layer on metal surfaces, it mitigates corrosion and extends the lifespan of machinery and equipment in metalworking processes.
  6. Pharmaceuticals: Pharmaceutical formulations utilize Diethanolamine 99% as an intermediate in the synthesis of various drugs and pharmaceutical compounds. Its role extends to buffering solutions and drug delivery systems, contributing to the efficacy and stability of pharmaceutical products.

Where to buy  DIETHANOLAMINE 99% AR,ACS ?

  • Ryze Chemie is your premier destination for procuring top-quality Diethanolamine 99%. With our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, we offer a seamless purchasing experience tailored to meet your specific requirements.
  • Our comprehensive distribution network ensures timely delivery and reliable supply, catering to clients across various industries. Whether you require DEA 99% for agricultural applications, industrial processes, or research purposes, Ryze Chemie is your trusted partner.
  • Explore our extensive product catalog and streamline your procurement process with our efficient ordering system. Experience the convenience of sourcing high-purity chemicals from a reputable supplier dedicated to your success.

 DIETHANOLAMINE 99% AR,ACS Manufacturers

  • As a leading manufacturer of chemical products, Ryze Chemie takes pride in producing premium-grade Diethanolamine 99%. Our state-of-the-art facilities and rigorous quality control measures ensure consistency and reliability in every batch.
  • With a team of experienced professionals and advanced technologies, we adhere to industry best practices to deliver superior products that exceed customer expectations. At Ryze Chemie, we prioritize innovation and sustainability in our manufacturing processes, striving to minimize environmental impact while maximizing product quality.
  • Our commitment to research and development enables us to stay at the forefront of technological advancements, driving continuous improvement and excellence in our offerings.

DIETHANOLAMINE 99% AR,ACS Manufacturers in India

In the vibrant landscape of chemical manufacturing in India, Ryze Chemie stands out as a trusted provider of Diethanolamine 99% and other specialty chemicals. With a strong presence in the domestic market, we cater to the diverse needs of industries ranging from agriculture to pharmaceuticals.

Our dedication to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction has earned us a reputable position among leading manufacturers in the country. Partnering with Ryze Chemie means access to premium-quality DEA 99% products backed by unparalleled service and support.

Whether you're based in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, or any other city across India, you can rely on us for consistent supply and exceptional product performance. Join hands with a proven industry leader and elevate your chemical sourcing experience with Ryze Chemie.




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